S.O.S. Writing

Style, Organization, Specifics — How to achieve "flow" in academic, professional, and personal writing


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Welcome to the S.O.S. Writing program.
If you are a teacher, we will teach you how to teach writing.
If you are a student, you will learn what no teacher has been able to teach you—yet.

These are bold statements. But teaching and learning how to write well are certainly among life’s greatest challenges. So the S.O.S. Writing program uses the most logical approach. We look at how real writers write.

You will learn how the magicians of writing—writers like John Updike, E. B. White, J. K. Rowling, and Michael Crichton—do their tricks. Think back to your music lessons, where you learned a few measures of a Beethoven symphony, or a riff by Jimi Hendrix. By studying how the masters do it, a little piece at a time, you will learn how to do it too.

And best of all, these techniques apply to all kinds of writing, not just the school classroom. All writing must have Style, Organization, and Specifics. Together, these are the secret ingredients to achieving that elusive quality known as “flow.”

So look at the samples and see if this is what your classroom is missing. We hope you will have fun, learn a lot, and share your new writing discoveries with your friends and colleagues.

Don Stewart